Simon Goritschnig draws inspiration from nature and the phenomena of life and living matter. Therefore his work is driven by curiosity and a constant search for questions. His artistic practice is a way to reflect upon the overwhelming complexity of the cosmos, where he tries to find connections between the processes that
constitute it.

He uses a wide array of different techniques, ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture and computer graphics, depending on the perspective and focus of his research. These artworks are often combined into sight specific installations, where the viewer becomes the investigator, searching for the common thread, that holds everything together.

Simon Goritschnig was born in 1988  / Klagenfurt  (Austria). Since 2008 he is living and working in Vienna. In 2015 he finished his degree in Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. For his diploma he has been awarded the Ernst-Beranek-Fellowship, in 2018 he received a 6-months residency fellowship in Paris by the city of Klagenfurt.



Download CV / Portfolio as PDF:

Simon-Goritschnig-Works-2022.pdf – (German)

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